Solid Waste Management – Everybody’s Contribution Solicited


Solid Waste Management2Waste Management is defined as its collection, transportation, processing and / or disposal with additional function of monitoring waste materials impact on environment, human health and aesthetics. Waste materials can be solid, liquid, gaseous or radioactive and waste management encompasses all of these. Out of these, Solid Waste Management ( SWM ) can be considered as an activity which can be participated by all sectors of society for affective implementation. This is true for developed as well as developing nations, for urban as well as rural areas and for residential as well as industrial producers. Although major responsibility of facilitating and monitoring SWM lies with local government authorities, the generators of this waste can significantly contribute to the success of such a program by implementing the required waste disposal practices.

Various methods are used for SWM as summarily described in following text.

incineration provides energy from wasteINCINERATION (Waste-to-Energy) – Incineration is the process to…

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